A thought to "SakeWiz"
the founder speaks

SakeWiz Co., Ltd., with the concept of "connecting the world with sake," is the management of Wakasa Bar "Firenze Sake Tokyo" and the development and operation of the application "SakeWiz".

Three founder led by the project will introduce the thought / appeal to sake, and the new possibilities of sake that "sake × Italian" "sake sauce" shows, in an interview format.

Why sake?

  • Environment surrounding sake
    According to "situation surrounding sake" announced in FY2008 by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, the domestic shipment volume of sake exceeded 1.7 million pounds at peak time, due to competition with other alcoholic beverages etc. It has declined to the level which falls below 600,000.. According to the statistics of the National Tax Agency, the National Tax Agency survey found that there were only about 7,000 wine breweries that existed in around 1954 before the war, but as of 2009 the number of liquor stores actually manufactured is only 1,302 It is.
  • Quality and transformation to overseas · Expansion period
    However, as domestic shipment volumes of sake as a whole have been on a downward trend, shipments of specific name sake (Ginjo sake, junmai rice wine, etc.) are steady, consumer preference has changed from quantity to quality It is understood that it is. In addition, overseas, the evaluation of Japanese sake (= SAKE) is rising against the backdrop of the Japanese food boom etc., the export volume to overseas has been increasing in recent years, the export quantity in Heisei 20 is 18,180 ㎘, this 10 years It has doubled in.
  • More sake sake
    Sake is a product proud of the world, symbolizing Japanese food culture. As the Japanese food is recognized as a World Cultural Heritage, it is predicted that people around the world will pay attention to Japanese food and sake will be drunk with Japanese food even more. Our mission is to make more people enjoy the sake by drinking more people with IT.

Basic concept of application

  • Utilization of AI
    This application is the development of image recognition technology making use of AI (artificial intelligence), and by accurately identifying the labels of innumerable sake, it is possible to obtain manufacturer information and taste information, and to enjoy sake more I can.
  • When I want to drink
    It is also the moment when I met my favorite drink, I want to drink this sake again. In order not to miss that time, you can instantly purchase sake from this application.
  • To connect
    It is possible to share the evaluation of Japanese sake by posting to friends in the application and various SNS. This will spread not only in Japan, but also with people from around the world.

SakeWiz Application Function

  • Label scanning
    When shooting a sake label with the camera scanner of this application, it is possible to distinguish the brand of sake based on our unique image recognition technology.
  • save as bookmark
    It is possible to register your favorite sake as a favorite. This will not forget the brand of sake you like.
  • Internet purchasing
    If you find a liquor you like, you can purchase it with Internet shopping right away.
  • community
    It is possible to exchange information on sake and restaurants with friends in the application. You can also post brands of sake you like on the main SNS.
  • Search for breweries
    About 1,500 brewers can search for information. It is also possible to search by brands of sake and prefectures.
  • Restaurant search
    You can search restaurants that deal with sake. It is also possible to search by GPS, close to where you are, or by name.